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Who is VOV?

Voices of Variety is a pragmatically creative organization, which provides an experience that offers a seamless synthesis of truth that challenges conventional perceptions and attitudes. 

VOV as a program assists schools, agencies, park districts, hospitals,nursing homes, furneral homes,churches, catastrophic events, and social organizations in their efforts to promote healthier lifestyles that support growth and positive spiritual development. 

With an understanding of The World Health Organization's definition of health - as the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity - our organization considers the physical, social and emotional development of urban youth and the need for interplay between the family, school, community, socio-economic status and physical environment. We believe that if these factors are not working in a collaborative and beneficial manner, development is compromised. 

We encourage the use of musical talent to alleviate the spirit and enable humility for the purpose of addressing problems, conflicts, and issues in the environment as they relate to the family, school, community, socio-economic status and physical environment of urban youth. 

Become a part of VOV by using it for self. Or share it with others so they can help themselves in the process of self-improvement and community development.

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