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                                                        For gospel music producer Jasen Brown, creating music is                                                                     second nature and the natural extension of that talent is                                                                       professional production and distribution. Jasen’s business is                                                               called Voices of Variety. The name Voices of Variety evolved from                                                         his versatile involvement in so many forms of music in different                                                             environments, having worked with thousands of musicians. His                                                             alliance of musicians has been distilled to the few best talents…                                                         which he incorporates into his regular company.


       Growing up in the Chicago area, Jasen’s talent for music was first noticed at age 7 when he played Heart and Soul on his grandmother’s piano with no lessons or prior instruction. Through musical tutelage at church, he soon added organ and percussion to his musical repertoire, garnering new styles under the instruction of a wide variety of gospel artists. Jasen began private instructions in 2002 at Bell Cultural Arts Connection in Chicago. By high school, his reading and playing skills afforded him many opportunities. He was an All-State musician in classical, jazz, gospel and many Christian bands all four years of high school. His most respected pianists and teachers, having taught many musical famous pianists.

The experience he gained under the tutelage of these mentors brings a unique flavor to his music. A subgoal of Jasen’s development process is to provide an opportunity for “street talent” to share abilities and resources such as studio time and equipment. This outreach’s objective is to provide an outlet for expression and development for other naturally talented artists that might otherwise never have a chance. Jasen refers to this aspect as “People Helping People” which he believes to be a unique strength of his process… a new, powerful emergent sound from the juxtaposition of fresh talents.


       Variety is a recurrent and essential element in Jasen’s musical development. He believes that the end product is enhanced by experiencing as many styles and techniques as possible. Although, he is a versatile musician and writer, his primary genre is gospel music. Jasen’s style fuses pop, gospel, country, rock, inspiration and R&B to create a unique dimension that appeals to a not only Christian music fans,fans, but also secular music enthusiasts. Jasen is currently producing music for digital release, a project which will require major funding which he intends to procure through sponsorship and grants from local and international business entities. He has a regular entourage of singers and established musicians that he records and performs with. His goal is to create, produce and market professional quality CDs as well as establishment in broadcast media.

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