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Everybody Help Somebody (dba) Voices Of Variety


We dedicate campaigns to performing arts by mentoring inspiring artists encouraging children with interest and enhancing appreciation for the multiple genres of art Forms.

We will provide a positive environment for self-expression learning and entertainment To all ages..

Voices of Variety is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the talents, lives, and spirits of youth and adults through education, mentoring, good deeds, links to resources and constructive effective posiitive entertainment.


Founded in 2007, VOV was given its name to because of the goal of incorporating various characteristics... in an effort to create a new emergent talent which transcends the sum of its element.

The primary purpose of the VOV is to nurture and develop the gifts, skills, and spirit of community youth and adults by providing a safe supportive environment in which they can prosper and excel. we are an example's to inspire people globally to take positive actions in their communities. 

The VOV staff implements a multi-faceted approach to impact talented artists in the community, as well as members of their families. From education to employment, VOV offers a vast array of opportunities and programs for youth and adults.

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